EEVblog #1002 – Trump’s Solar Freakin’ Wall DEBUNKED!

Will Trump’s Mexican border solar powered wall pay for itself?
Dave runs the numbers to find out what the solar payback is.
NOTE: These are BEST CASE (non-practical) figures that don’t include any system losses from a single long line array like this, or anything to do with the changing wall topology, or increased maintenance costs etc.
The cost to maintain this system could be an order of magnitude higher than a traditional solar array farm.
The point of the video is to check if the *ballpark* figure works out before getting more techniical, it doesn’t.

At best figure with *no losses* is $1BN payback for a 10 year period. 1/20th the cost of the wall. In practice it will be much worse than this, likely double the payback period or more.
And if you want to argue it will pay back the solar install cost then why not install a normal utility scale solar array farm in the Texas desert? Much more efficient and practical.
Installing a long array on a wall like this is a technically dumb idea.

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AIA to hold first collaborative robots and advanced vision conference this fall

Collaborative robots and advanced vision technologies rank among the most popular topics in the industry today. Recognizing this, the AIA will host a two-day conference this fall which will explore a range of current advancements in both fields focusing on technology, applications, safety implications, and human impacts.

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EEVblog #1001 – uBeam Ultrasonic Wireless Charging DEBUNKED

Dave debunks the uBeam ultrasonic wireless phone charging technology and explains why this will NEVER be a practical solution.
Also, Meredith Perry’s rant on engineers and other experts.
NOTE: This was split out from video #1000 for SEO reasons. There should be a debunking video of this searchable on Youtube.
Some extra material has been added from video #1000 at the 11:58 mark

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Paul Reynolds, former VP Engineering at uBeam has many posts debunking uBeam!

I challenge you to watch all 15min of this
USA Today video

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Embedded systems from Vecow feature NVIDIA graphics engines and Intel processors

ECS GTX1050 GPU embedded systems from Vecow feature 7th generation Intel Xeon/Core i7 processors (Kaby Lake) running with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 series graphics engines, and NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture, all of which work together to support up to 8K resolution and CUDA applications.

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EEVblog #1000 – Fundamental Mailbag Retro Teardown Shootouts are Bullshit

As the title says, kinda…
Dave answers the age old question, do single take videos really work?
No. No, they don’t.

Tutorial on turning two NPN transistors into a fast bidirectional zener impulse clamp.
A comparison of the low level signal noise on 11 different oscilloscopes.
Teardown of the CH7 analog TV 300W RF Power amplifier.
Debunking of the uBeam ultrasonic wireless power phone charger

I challenge anyone to sit through all 15 minutes of Meredith Perry’s talk on being a “technology innovator”, go on, I dare you…

Ultrasonic exposure limits

Zener Diodes Tutorial

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