EEVblog #1065 – Soldering Iron Power Delivery Explained

A further clarification to the previous video on the Hakko FX-888D vs the JBC direct heat CD-2B soldering station. And the differences between applied power, tip design, sensor design, control loop design, and power delivery to a ground plane.
Power measurements and DaveCAD explanations.

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Vial inspection system from Xyntek to be demonstrated at The Vision Show 2018

At The Vision Show 2018, Xyntek will showcase its vial inspection system—a vision system complete with integrated material handling, reject mechanism, and 360° of machine vision cameras that provide a way to inspect objects such as vials, tubes, and bottles for various defects.

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Smart cameras and custom vision solutions from NET USA to be highlighted at The Vision Show 2018

At The Vision Show 2018, NET USA will showcase its latest smart cameras and custom vision solutions, including the freely-configurable CORSIGHT smart cameras (pictured), which feature an Intel Quad Core processor and programmable FPGA.

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Machine vision and factory automation products from Omron Microscan to be shown at The Vision Show 2018

At The Vision Show 2018, Omron Microscan will showcase a range of its latest machine vision and factory automation solutions, including its line of MicroHAWK smart cameras and barcode readers.

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